enjoyable moments

it’s like

sitting back and reading a thought-provoking book
without interruption,

just a white chocolate mocha
to occasionally provide me with that extra
sweet physical stimuli 
while my mind is already realizing some new reminder
of things i already knew 
chatting with friends 
and feeling a sense of love
and acceptance 
for who you actually are 
and being comfortable in that space
while laughing about something silly that one of you 
has done or said
being with him for a day
and taking in the pleasure
with a lightness of being, a sense of home
like all is right with the world and 
its ok to be my best self
while holding his hand or 
moving closer to him to take it all in
and allow myself to feel the connection
watching my son move about 
with wonder
yet comfortable in who he is 
because he hasn’t yet learned that 
he is not the center of the universe
while he looks at me 
as if i hold all of the answers,
and all of the comfort and all of the love in 
all of the world
thinking of my daughter 
with pride
knowing that she is a survivor of 
tremendous things
and being fearful 
of what is to come while 
that i held her hand and that she thinks 
i am her pillar of strength
while i am waiting for her 
to understand her own strength
exhilarating and frightening
wonderful and inspiring
there is so much joy,
and fear but
infinite possibilities abound
in those little things
that i enjoy
each of those moments bringing
new potential
for life to unfold.
sometimes i just have to stop
and breathe.
i know i get ahead of myself.
right now i am taking it in.
realizing how 
one breath
one memory
one thought
one feeling
right now
it permeates 
my entire being
that is enjoyable enough

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