Teen Age Idol(s)

Today’s prompt is asking who did I idolize as a teen. Who was my Teen Age Idol.

Ok. I can’t remember one person that I idolized above anyone else. I called my oldest friend who is sometimes my memory to ask her who was the one person that I idolized and she said that nobody stands out.

There is a long list of people, groups, songs, movies and ideas that I idolized as a teenager. I called my oldest friend who is sometimes my memory to ask her who was the one person I idolized and she said nobody stands out.

Here is a list in no particular order –

I was listening to

  • Tupac because go listen to 2pacalypse Now (especially Words of Wisdom)
  • Public Enemy because It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
  • Ice Cube because  go see Straight Out of Compton or listen to AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
  • Madonna because because 80’s
  • Anita Baker because Giving You the Best that I’ve Got
  • MC Lyte, Salt & Pepa, Queen Latifah and any female rapper
  • Eric B. & Rakim because God MC
  • KRS One because edutainment
  • X Clan to the east blackwards!
  • Betty Wright  because I was already an old lady
  • Whininess and Commission were my gospel favorites

I was reading, watching and loving

  • Malcolm X because as soon as I saw clips of him speaking and read speeches and then the autobiography it was like I crossed a line. There was a Before Malcolm and an After Malcolm
  • Alice Walker. Still and always will
  • Nikki Giovanni because I was born in the Congo (ego trippin)
  • Spike Lee movies because Gator!
  • A Different World. Still and always will

That prompt has me going back down memory lane. I always visit anyway. Good stuff stays with you.

4 thoughts on “Teen Age Idol(s)

  1. This is interesting as each one that you listed is some type of artist. I asked myself this question and mine was a woman who is now your sister. Her name then was Mrs.Betty Brookshire. This woman was a mentor, protector and friend of mine who told me great things about myself that I did not think were true and always had great encouraging words for me each and everyday that I walked into her office. She was the big sister I never had. Funny thing about life is that I still consider this woman to be my IDOL! She doesn’t know it but when she protected me from my family and even myself showed me that she would do anything for me to be a better me. As you can see I love this woman, because she loved me!

  2. You’re right. My first thought was of artists. I could have added Mr. Duren as someone I knew personally who influenced me. The people on the list were like the soundtrack and background of my life during those years I think. So it was like a good little slice in time.
    You’re idol, my sister, is a great choice! Phenomenal woman

    1. Yes she is! Loved her then and love her even more today as a think back to my days of being a young girl trying to figure out who I should be and what I would become. Most of all thinking about how she saw more in me than I saw in myself 🤔. Seeing her at your family gatherings last year was refreshing as she said to me “you are everything I knew you would be”. She said I was a beautiful mother and a great woman, 20 years later and she is still seeing things in me that I still don’t see in myself. #WhyCantISeeTheBestInMe

      1. That’s a good question that you need to explore because I think most of the people around you see that as well!! Let that be a 2016 goal!! Seeing the best in yourself as the people around you already do!

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