One luxury item

Today’s prompt,  Keeping up with the Jones’ wants me to describe one luxury item I wish I could afford.

My first thought was that I don’t want to keep up with no Jones’!! And I don’t like sit around and think if only I had a few hundred million dollars then I would…


But if I could get one luxury item, I would like to have a huge house on a lot of acreage of farmland. I would also need people to work the land and I would like to grow everything that I eat and make most things that I wear/use.

I would also need an expert to teach me how do all of this and to step in when I do I make mistakes.

I don’t want to have to worry about failed crops  or anything so I guess I would also need to be in control of the weather.

hmmm maybe I’ll just stick to going to the store.

I would love a house in Maui. A big beautiful house near Oprah’s.

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