Missing my dad


A few years ago my dad died a week before my birthday. We were barely speaking. There were issues. That’s us in the profile pic. I don’t talk about him much, but I miss him. For a time he was a great dad. I woke up thinking about him #girlsneedtheirdads #mendyourrelationships

I woke up crying this morning and throughout the day. When relationships aren’t mended the people left have to still sort it out. I thought I had done that already but today I was just able to think about more of the good memories I have. So I’m thankful for that!

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experiencing many transitions in life - new husband, new house, new city, new baby. it can be overwhelming. i'm taking time to go back to basics. trying to figure it out myself. practicing that new time religion - self realization - finding, protecting, loving, perfecting me.

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