I am trying to keep track of all of the books that I will have read in 2014. I have not done this before. This may or may not have reviews.

1. Lowcountry Spirit by Ann Hite – this book is about 3 young slaves girls on an island of the cost of Georgia. It’s filled with magic and each girls connection to it and the island. I give it ***

2. Zealot – The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan – I bought this book after watching the video of the author being interviewed on Fox (if you call that an interview). The book explores the life of Jesus as a Jewish preacher and the shifting and creation of the lasting story of his messiah-dom.

3. If You Ask Me (And Of Course You Wont) by Betty White – yes, a book by Betty White. I picked it up on sale at the airport in Detroit heading to North Carolina. Read the entire book on the plane. It was cute. It’s Betty White

4. Jokes My Father Never Taught Me  by Rain Pryor – this book was so interesting because although I knew the story of Richard Pryor being raised in a whorehouse and I knew about all of his wives and women, I almost never hear/see/think about any of his children and so I never thought of what it might have been like for them. It shows Richard warts and all and a daughter coming to terms with her extremely flawed, broke and genius of a father and her love for him in spite of that brokenness.

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