Missing my dad


A few years ago my dad died a week before my birthday. We were barely speaking. There were issues. That’s us in the profile pic. I don’t talk about him much, but I miss him. For a time he was a great dad. I woke up thinking about him #girlsneedtheirdads #mendyourrelationships

I woke up crying this morning and throughout the day. When relationships aren’t mended the people left have to still sort it out. I thought I had done that already but today I was just able to think about more of the good memories I have. So I’m thankful for that!

Relating – Mirrors

I spent the weekend with my soul sisters


“Friends are a mirror reflecting the truth of who we are”

I’ve always believed in this sentiment but it really resonated with me this weekend. My friends know things about me that I have forgotten. They realize things about me that I have not yet come to terms with. Their reflection of me and the love they have for me help me grow. That’s why friendships are so important.

I was also forced to work out as a part of my friendship duties


Which let me know how out of shape I was. So today was my fist day at the gym.

Trying to tone up and lose a good 20 lbs.

So a weekend full of appreciation for relationships and love. What could be better?