Are We Afraid to Teach Black History?

Came across this timely post and felt the need to share. It’s important that our children know and learn from history and learning at home can certainly be more beneficial than learning in the world sometimes.

Mind of Malaka

This Monday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. People in pockets all over the world feted his life and work by doing community service and imparting the lesson of equality. I’d wager that anyone over the age of 40 could share a personal story centered around the civil rights movement, either as a result of personal experience or first-hand accounts from parents and grandparents who suffered the malice of discrimination that plagued this country for centuries.

But what about the children of those people over 40? How much do they know about Black History, including the Civil Rights struggle? I’ll be the first to admit – with much shame – that my own children know nothing at all.

To be fair, Nadjah just turned 7 years old, so it’s unrealistic to expect her to know how many millions of human souls where shipped from Africa and died in the…

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One thought on “Are We Afraid to Teach Black History?

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I always appreciate gaining insight into the struggles of others. I think it’s one of the great benefits of blogging! I confess to being afraid of saying something ignorant or “white” in cases like this, but that’s a chance I’ll have to take — forgive if I’m clearly clueless. I try to get it.

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