Picture Post

So I take pictures every day. Selfies; Ussies  with Kaeden; Ussies with my husband and pictures upon pictures of Meridian. Because growing baby!!!

I try to post pictures sparingly of my baby. I’m not sure exactly of the reason why since I am a social media junkie.

So even though I will post a pic (and I usually take about 20 pics just to post one …I am only slightly exaggerating) from today, I will only be posting one.

Except that I decided to post some more here. Because Blog. Natural Brown Momma. What could be more natural than a momma posting pics of her baby.


Nothing, I say!


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experiencing many transitions in life - new husband, new house, new city, new baby. it can be overwhelming. i'm taking time to go back to basics. trying to figure it out myself. practicing that new time religion - self realization - finding, protecting, loving, perfecting me.

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