Good Quote

I’m in a hotel room waiting for the kids to wake up. On the drive from Michigan to Atlanta, Georgia we had to stop and get some rest a few hours ago.

Or should I say, I had to stop. They slept pretty good.

We will be getting on the road shortly. I am quietly reading in a bed that I hope has no bedbugs (been listening to too many pear control guys) and reading a book that I forgot to pick back up.

You know how you are reminded of something that you already knew? (through reading, conversations or déjà vu).
This book is full of things that I already know…either consciously or not…and I keep forgetting them.

I am thankful for the reminder.

The book quotes a line in a book by Gary Renard, “you will not break loose until you realize that you yourself forge the chains that bind you.”

See I knew that!!!

So why do I hold on to these chains?

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experiencing many transitions in life - new husband, new house, new city, new baby. it can be overwhelming. i'm taking time to go back to basics. trying to figure it out myself. practicing that new time religion - self realization - finding, protecting, loving, perfecting me.

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