Back again

It’s been so long since I posted on here that I forgot it even existed!

Ok I’m back.

Song in my head- Beyonce’s Flawless! Won’t she do it!

Today is my daughters 20th birthday and I was a little emotional and feeling all blessed. She’s a survivor.

I have decided that I need to start manifesting my intentions. Creating my reality. With that being said, I can’t keep putting things off. Not while saying that they are things I want to do. I have to be the change I’m trying to see. Word!

So I’ve started using pencil and paper and writing out daily, weekly goals.

One of my goals was to start writing again. That included blogging. This is my start.

That’s all for now. But I’ll be back. I’m back



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experiencing many transitions in life - new husband, new house, new city, new baby. it can be overwhelming. i'm taking time to go back to basics. trying to figure it out myself. practicing that new time religion - self realization - finding, protecting, loving, perfecting me.

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