Dwayne or Byron?

Last night, I watched the last two episodes of season 5 of the much missed tv show, A Different World. These are the episodes with Whitley marrying Byron/Dwayne (Episodes 24/25).

Prior to those two episodes, Dwayne had flaked out on Whitley and went on a date because he wasn’t sure that he was ready to marry her. He told her that he had doubts and she said, “You have doubts, not dates!” ANYWAY

I remembered all of my excitement and joy when Dwayne walked down that aisle saying Baby Please!!! and she runs down the aisle saying I do!! The 1992 me was elated and happy that true love prevailed. I was like “Poor Byron, Yay Dwayne!”

While watching last night, the 2014 me began to wonder if Whitley made a mistake. Should she have married Byron Douglas instead of Dwayne Wayne?

In 1992, I would have said that you don’t settle and true love conquers all.

In 2014, I know that true love doesn’t necessary equal happiness or longevity. And is it settling to be with someone with whom you also love and have common interests and pursuits? Is it settling if you are thinking with your mind instead of your heart?

I don’t have the answer but I wonder if I’m thinking of this all wrong. Is a “worthy love” only the fiery, all consuming, passionate, soul-mate kind of love or does responsible, compatible, mature and stable love count? Is it possible to have both?

Would you choose Byron or Dwayne?