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I once saw a quote from a meme on Instagram before that said to “trust your struggle”. And I filed that in the motivation section of my mental Rolodex.

The past few months have been yet another lesson of adjustment for me where I am repeatedly reminded to Trust My Journey. I left my previous job and became a contractor thinking that I would make good money and could concentrate on writing my “great novel” only to discover that I wasn’t making enough and I really didn’t enjoy what I was doing. So I had to scramble around trying to figure out a new plan. All the while, also dealing with life as a wife and mother and full time graduate student in this new city (2 years and still new to me).

I spend a lot of time being a resource and helping other people but when it comes…

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2 thoughts on “Trust Your Journey

  1. Loved the article! Sometimes you read the thoughts/writings of others and wonder was this meant to motivate me in particular? Im definitely going to store this in my mental Rolodex and try to discipline myself to “trust my struggle”!

    1. Yes! That is exactly what happened to me when I read the article about the guy who took 20 years to write his break out novel. It just reminded me of what I already knew…but needed reminding!! Love you

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