such is life (or routines #2)

our paths cross

sometimes it’s the right time

until its not.

can’t be responsible for the tides

so i just ebb & flow

sometimes you move me

to euphoric heights of

godly passion & then

your actions bring me

back to reality, prompting me to

fall back to my

default position – “I’m good”

never met a state of me-ness

that wasn’t refreshing

so when you wax & wane

taking me up & bringing me down

i still remain ready to meet myself

both feet on the ground

i only have to question your intentions

when i’m fighting against my own

Intuition, telling me to

leave you where i found you

but i don’t always listen

sometimes i gotta learn the hard way

& that’s alright

at any given moment

i am liable to wake from my

slumber, stretch my arms

& get to moving. i rarely even

miss you when i walk away

If you have made it on this list

of those who have come & gone

consider yourself blessed to

have crossed my path

i was thankful for the lesson & energy

That flowed between you & me

& now i’m off to my default position.

Such is life

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