where are my words?

i’ve been searching for a poem..

i’m thinking black feminism of the 60’s/70’s type poems/poems of self discovery/poems with attitude/poems like don’t bring that shit my way

i’m talking indignant poems/poems like i don’t have to take this shit/poems like.did you walk by me and not recognize the god in me

right when i needed a particular poem for my sanity/i couldn’t find one/not in my boxes of books/not on my bookshelves/not in the pile of books next to and under my bed

here i am searching and scrambling for just the right poem/just the right poem to slap somebody over the head with/just the right poem to yell in someone’s face/just the right poem to shake my head at somebody that should be a shamed of themselves

but i still haven’t found it..it’s driving me crazy/here i am searching and searching for just the right poem..maybe an alice or a nikki..or a gwendolyn..or a sonia

i need a poem with fire/right now/to speak my obscure thoughts/

these thoughts/below the surface/these feelings that need release/this passion ignited/this indignation that somebody would look me right in my face/and not see me/look me right in my face with no regard

i need a how dare you type of poem/but i can’t find one/at one point i would write it myself/but somehow/i can’t find the words

2 thoughts on “where are my words?

  1. This is powerful! It reminds me of my coming out phase when I found myself searching for somebody elses words to soothe my pain…
    Strangely enough that pain inspires us to write for others…I will reflect on this poem when I’m searching for comfort, tranquility, solace, me lost in the valley of someone elses ambivalence. The words you can’t find hugged my soul.

    1. thank you toya for your magnificent comment…you summed up the poem in your first line. when i think about my writing over the years, i can not recall ever writing a “happy poem” only grief, anger, sorrow and righteous indignation seems to coax a poem from me. maybe i need to delve a little deeper and find out the reason. in the meantime, i’m hoping for more words (and less anguish) to soothe my soul. peace & love

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