Under One Roof

My 21-year-old daughter came to visit us this past weekend and it was great to have all of my kiddos (biological) under one roof.

Leaving Grand Rapids gave my daughter the opportunity to leave the nest and I have been so proud to see her really become an adult  – she has a job, she pays rent, etc. I can tell you that having your adult child living at home can really affect the relationship so its great to see her and not have to be grumpy!!

My son got to spend good quality time with his big sister. She took him to the Museum of Science and Industry and they had a ball.

It is especially nice to see my adult daughter and my three-month old daughter bond and connect with each other. My baby girl is smiling all of the time now and while I’m use to seeing her break the latch while breastfeeding to smile at me – sending milk everywhere – it was VERY FUNNY to see my oldest daughter freak out at the flying streams of milk going everywhere!!

My daughters visit also enabled me and my husband to go out on a date for the first time since we’ve been married ! It was so nice to go out without kids!!!

I am so appreciative of times like this with family.

Naiima and Meridian bonding
Naiima and Meridian bonding
Naiima and Kaeden at the museum
Naiima and Kaeden at the museum
Date Night
Date Night


I’ve had a lot of intense experiences in my life and I tend to adjust well and learn and grow from each one.

I must say that I am experiencing one of the most intense  experiences ever.

I found myself pregnant after 6 years and having a high risk pregnancy at 40. I got married and moved the very next day from Grand Rapids, Michigan to the south side of Chicago. Within one week of my move, I was admitted to the hospital for preeclampsia and my labor was induced at 31 weeks gestation. I stayed in the hospital for 10 days and my daughter born at 3lbs and 2 oz stayed in the NICU for the next 5 weeks.

During that time I was also a newlywed with a houseful of boxes, a 6 year old son and a brand new (supportive) husband.

Needless to say, this has all been a period of adjustment for me.

To top it all off, my addiction to the internet and my tendency to google every thought has led me to a host of things that are either new or just new to me.

I am breastfeeding. I am cloth diapering. I am wearing my baby. All new.

I have a desire to make my own baby food. Make my own natural hair products. Make my own natural household cleaning products. Learn to garden and grow some of the food that my family eats.

I also have to get to know the city that I now live in and make it my home.

All while being a new wife and mastering Motherhood 3.0.

I intend to blog about it all (well, most of it) along the way.